If custom vehicles are defined, TaxiMap will use the vehicle name, image and settings defined. However, if no custom vehicles are defined, the settings from the main profile will be used.

Each vehicle option has a title and an image that are displayed to the customer along with the price and vehicle attributes (passengers, luggage capacity, etc.). The names and images for the main two vehicles (before any custom vehicles are added) are controlled from the ABOUT tab of the PROFILE page.

A name/title and an image URL (web address) can be defined for each of the two default vehicles. If the main profile size-factor is set to zero (0) and no custom vehicles are defined, only the primary vehicle will be shown.

The vehicle name or title is arbitrary. Examples would be, “Executive Saloon” or “MPV” or “SUV” or “Stretched Limousine

The vehicle image URL should be the web address of a hosted image. For example: https://taximap.co.uk/taxi_mini_cab_images/cars/100px/black-exec.png or https://taximap.co.uk/taxi_mini_cab_images/cars/100px/range-rover.png or https://taximap.co.uk/taxi_mini_cab_images/cars/100px/white-limo-frontq.png