Zone to Zone Fixed Pricing – a step too far?

Making it this easy to provide fixed price journeys may mean the price per mile model becomes neglected, misused, and misunderstood, but it is a vitally important part of the system as it takes care of all those other journeys. Let's consider both fixed and flexible price calculations beginning with the new Zone to Zone pricing....

Taxi Price Calculator Plugin for WordPress

Whilst you could always implement the TaxiMap fare price calculator on your WordPress powered website by copying the code under the code tab to the appropriate location, this required a bit of know-how. Now [finally] we’ve developed a dedicated WordPress plug-in that makes it even easier to publish the TaxiMap calculator on your site.

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About the TaxiMap Blog

This is the support blog for TaxiMap users. Here you'll find information and support relating to the installation and configuration of TaxiMap taxi fare price calculator software for taxi company websites.

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