Should you wish to apply your own styling to the TaxiMap interface on your website there is an Advanced control located under the CODE tab that allows you to add your own CSS which will be loaded with the map.

By default this advanced field is hidden. It can be enabled by accessing your profile page with a special link. After you have logged in, add &adv=1 to the end of the address in your browser’s address bar and hit the enter/return key on your keyboard.

This will load the page again. This time the Custom CSS box will be visible at the bottom of the CODE tab.

You can enter CSS code in here that will be applied to the map. For example, should you wish to disable the POST CODE tab completely, you could enter the following:

#postcode,#postcodeTab {display:none;}

Some knowledge of CSS is required to use this and so it is hidden by default. You will also need to be able to inspect the TaxiMap plugin’s code from your browser.