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Zone to Zone Fixed Pricing – a step too far?

Making it this easy to provide fixed price journeys may mean the price per mile model becomes neglected, misused, and misunderstood, but it is a vitally important part of the system as it takes care of all those other journeys. Let’s consider both fixed and flexible price calculations beginning with the new Zone to Zone pricing….

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Why the fixed price?

In our post earlier this year, “A fixed price taxi booking system this ain’t….,” we examined how TaxiMap calculates prices based on the distance of any journey, and the advantages this provides over a fixed price...

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New features in TaxiMap

We’re always adding and refining features and functionality within TaxiMap and as we get more members we get more and better suggestions. This is enormously useful and helps us build a system that is truly useful and of...

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Refining the Taxi Calculator and Booking System

Our To Do list contains 101 other little features and, I think, we need to draw a line under this first release and schedule these enhancements for future releases. We have received a great deal of positive feedback about the system as it is and, provided users take it for what it is and understand what it isn’t (e.g. an estimation system, not a precise pricing system), we believe the system will be a great advantage to minicab companies and end users alike.

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Define a zone, define a price…

.. to begin with we’ve added a means for Taximap members to define areas on the map and set some preferences for those areas – we’re calling these areas ‘Zones’…

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