ComplexityAs more and more taxi companies sign up to use Taximap it’s becoming apparent that virtually each and every one has a slightly different pricing model. Providing accurate journey price quotations for every pricing structure is something we’d love to achieve, but this will come at a price of its own: Complexity.

With each update the interface is becoming more complex and we’re desperate to avoid the situation where it becomes unusable. With this in mind we thought it timely to remind our readers of our goals – what Taximap is for and what we’re trying to achieve.

With Taximap on your website you’re providing your customers with an innovative new tool that provides a competitive advantage over your rivals.

Increase online bookings by 1000%

Through the interactivity of maps visitors don’t lose interest and are more willing to complete a booking form once an idea of price is provided. Our current users have seen conversions increase by up to 10 times – that is, the number of people who actually call up or book online directly as a result of using the Taximap plugin. Once that lead is generated, the cab company can confirm the final price back to the customer and correct any short-comings of the calculation.


With options such as zones, peak hours and different vehicle types, the system is already pretty complicated – as you’d expect from a sophisticated online application- so we encourage our members to think of it as a marketing tool rather than all-out booking system.

That said, we’ve tried to provide as many features as possible to make your interaction with the system as simple as possible. Features such as SMS booking confirmation, one-click email confirmation and complete booking request details sent by email.

So you can see the system is fairly robust and, provided you’re will to compromise on absolute pricing, suits almost any minicab company wishing to provide online price estimates to their customers.