Since beginning to accept registrations and create accounts for taxi companies we have received some feedback. Through this it has become apparent we need to more accurately identify the purpose that TaxiMap serves, the benefits it provides, and how this complements other processes and systems.

We have always been aware that most mini-cab firms use a fixed price matrix to calculate prices for taxi journeys; i.e. Putney to Fulham is £3, Putney to Hammersmith is £5, Fulham to Hammersmith is £3, etc…. And these prices are not always linear. It is important to understand Taximap does not adhere to this model.

Prices calculated based on distance by road

Prices calculated based on distance by road

So this concept may be better placed as documentation on the main website or as part of our marketing, but we thought we’d discuss it here before creating official documentation for it….

Once embedded or integrated with a taxi company’s website, Taximap works by calculating the distance by road between up to 20 points. These points are created on a Google map by the user/customer who can enter post codes, addresses, places, or direct map click points. The price is then calculated based on the company’s preferences (price per mile, etc.) as specified within the member’s section of the website.


So why use Taximap if it doesn’t fit the traditional taxi pricing model?

There are many reasons. Primarily, however, it is because the price per mile model keeps the system both consistent and simple.

Having previously built systems for cab companies directly, we’ve found that creating and maintaining a fixed price system is complicated both for the companies themselves and their customers.  Taximap provides a consistent visual approach that’s easy for the end user to understand, and quick and easy to set up for the cab firm.

Whilst the matrix system of matching a price with 2 points in a table works in an analogue environment, we feel it’s important for taxi firms to recognise a shift thinking is required to move to a digital 21st century environment.

How does taxiamp fit?

We anticipate Taximap will generate new leads and enquiries for minicab companies  as one feature of many provided through their online presence.

We expect that taxi companies would continue to offer their fixed pricing system, either on their sites, by phone, or through other outlets/marketing, but that the Taximap system would serve to augment their offering online and provide a mobile (iPhone) experience also.

Advantages over fixed pricing

  • Fast calculation
  • Multiple stops are factored in
  • Turn by turn directions
  • Multiple input methods (post codes, addresses, places, airports, direct click points)
  • Mobile Phone Integration
  • Consistent pricing
  • Easy to set up and use

Future Plans

With all this in mind future development might allow for certain fixed price journeys to be added – to airports, for example. Stay tuned.