Easily integrate TaxiMap with your WordPress website

Whilst you could always implement the TaxiMap fare price calculator on your WordPress powered website by copying the code under the code tab to the appropriate location, this required a bit of know-how. Now [finally] we’ve developed a dedicated WordPress plug-in that makes it even easier to publish the TaxiMap calculator on your site.

The new TaxiMap plug-in for WordPress (officially titled ‘TaxiMap Integration’ in the WordPress plug-ins directory) provides two mechanisms for displaying the calculator on your site, either via shortcode: [taximap] or sidebar widget.

You’ll see the plug-in running in demo mode on this site  – the widget in the sidebar on the right, and the shortcode implementation below.

How to install the TaxiMap Integration plug-in for WordPress

The TaxiMap WordPress plugin can be installed from within your WordPress site’s admin section by searching the WordPress plugins directory on the Plugins > Add New page for ‘taximap‘.

Or you can download the latest version of the plug-in ZIP file: and upload it directly either via FTP or the WordPress admin.

Unzip this folder and upload the folder to your WordPress plugins directory – typically wp-install-directory/wp-content/plugins/

Navigate to WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin. Then click the ‘Choose File‘ button to select the file from the location you downloaded it to on your computer. The click ‘Install Now

Activate the plugin:

Log in to the WordPress admin, go to Plugins > Installed Plugins.
Find the TaxiMap-Integration item and click Activate

Configure your TaxiMap ID:

In the admin menu, click TaxiMap Settings
Enter your membership number. (You can find this under STATUS on your TaxiMap Profile page, after logging in to
Click Save

Add the TaxiMap Calculator to a page:
(shortcode implementation)

Create (or edit) a page (or post) on your WordPress site where you want your TaxiMap Price Calculator to appear.
Enter the shortcode: [taximap] at the point on the page where you want the calculator to be displayed.

Add the the TaxiMap Calculator to your sidebar:
(widget implementation)

From the WordPress admin menu, go to AppearanceWidgets
Amongst the available widgets on this page, find the TaxiMap Integration item and drag it to the sidebar.
You will need to add your Membership Number in the TaxiMap Membership No: field (as described above).
Optionally, you can give the widget a title and set the height.
Click Save.

Tutorial Video