TaxiMap SettingsReally, TaxiMap is all about the map -it’s in the name for Pete’s sake!- but there are some instances where showing it just doesn’t work. So, today, we’ve rolled out version 3.9.17 of the TaxiMap plugin to all members with the option to hide the map from the user interface.

And with it, some other enhancements too…

Re-write looks great on your iPhone or embedded in a frame on your site

For some time now we’ve been planning to update the TaxiMap plugin to leverage v3 of the Google Maps API (currently we’re still using v2 – for the map version, at least). Changes to the interface meant this has been a job we’ve been avoiding… In the meantime we’ve also received feedback from taxi  companies asking if there was a way of turning the map display off. And then we also wanted to improve the user experience on mobile devices like the iPhone. So, with all this in mind, we thought, time for a re-write…

Whilst TaxiMap v4 will be 100% GoogleMaps v3 native, we’ve written a completely new version of the plugin that can be used without the map. Not only that, this version looks great on smaller screens (like the iPhone) or within iFrames on your web site. It scales nicely to suit the space available! (checkout our demo on your iPhone)

To use the map-less version all you have to do is log in and uncheck the “Show Map” checkbox under the ‘Settings‘ tab (see graphic above).

From base to pick-up fare calculations

Another new feature is the ability to set a price-per-mile for the journey from base to the pick-up location. This means you can factor in the journey to the customer as well. TaxiMap will use the place set as ‘Map Centre’ as the point from which this price is calculated. To disable this feature, set the To Pick-up Price per Mile to ‘0’ (zero).

Please note:- at this time, this feature only works with the map-less version of the plugin.


Other Tweaks

We’ve also made a few other minor tweaks to the map and the booking form to make booking a taxi even smoother for customers.

We’ll be continuing to add enhancements, bug fixes and implement suggestions from passengers and taxi companies alike to make TaxiMap the best taxi fare price calculator there is! Let us know what you think…