Geolocation on iPhoneIn recent versions of the TaxiMap plugin we’ve been working with geolocation features available to certiain devices and browsers, namely Firefox and GPS enabled mobiles phones like the iPhone, Android and


Blackberry devices. With the release of version 3.8b we’ve strealined the way this system works.

A new graphic icon now appears at the bottom left of the postcode entry window when customers are plotting taxi journey stops, labelled “Current Location”. The icon is greyed out in browsers that don’t support geolocation, but in Firefox and mobile browsers clicking this icon will cause the browser to attempt to plot a point based on the user’s current position (geolocation).

Geolocation is the process of discovering logitude and lattitude coordinates of the browser either through built in GPS or using the user’s IP (Internet protocol) address.

When the geolocation is based on IP address – in Firefox, for example – the accuracy can be questionable, but this is only intended as a suplemental feature useful for portable devices rather than a main feature. (A convenience for the lazy at best!)

In previous iterations the inplementaion of the geolocation feature had been a little clunky, and we’d had a few comments from taxi companies asking for it to be sorted. The 3.8b implementation radically improves usability by handing the control over to the user rather than automatically running when the TaxiMap plugin loads. The first taxi stop entry window now loads and offers the geolocation button if the function is supported by the user’s browser.

This feature pre-empts version 4 of the TaxiMap plugin where we will be looking at stremlining the service for mobile and portable devices. To see the geocation feature in action trial an online taxi booking with any of our directory members at find a taxi.