As part of our mission to provide a high quality, well-rounded service to taxi companies we’ve begun work on our directory:

This directory service will list all TaxiMap’s members in one convenient location providing direct links out to their own websites and the booking system which we provide.

The ABOUT tab in the Taximap member's area

The ABOUT tab in the Taximap member's area

Additional Taximap Fields

As part of this promotional initiative, we’ve added some new fields to the configuration section of the member’s area:

  • Intro Text
  • Payment Methods Accepted
  • Link Impressions
  • Link Click
  • Link Out

The first 2 fields allow cab companies to provide additional information that will be displayed in the directory listings. The next 2, Link Impressions & Link Clicks provide a means for cab companies to monitor the success of their Taximap links. “Impressions” records the number of times their business details are displayed, and “Clicks” records how many times their link is clicked on.


The final field, Link Out, allows taxi companies to set whether or not their links will appear in our directory. This is ON by default and is still located in the ‘Settings‘ tab.

These fields are edited under the new ‘About‘ tab found in the member profile section of the Taximap website. We’ve also moved some other pre-existing¬†fields in to this tab, in particular the Website Address field and the Logo URL field which allows cab companies to define a logo that is displayed both on their listing and superimposed on the Taximap booking system.