TaxiMap Taxi Booking notification

TaxiMap Booking Request Email

We have recently updated the email notification system employed by TaxiMap. This means our Taxi booking notification and booking confirmation emails are (hopefully) a bit more pretty and a little clearer to understand.


When a customer visit’s a website and makes a booking through the TaxiMap plugin, the taxi company is notified by email (and optionally SMS text message). Up until recently, the booking email had been fairly poorly formatted making it difficult to see the facts of the booking. Our newly designed notification email lays out the booking information clearly so it is easy for cab firm controllers to read and respond.

Quickly confirm taxi booking requests…

Featured at the top of each email are 3 links: Confirm, View, and Decline and highlighted in a box is the price and customer name. This makes it extremely easy for taxi controllers to respond the customer quickly – with just one click. This helps prevent customer attrition as they do not wait around for booking confirmation, they just move on to the next taxi firm and book with them. (Read our previous article: Responsiveness is Key!)

If there are adjustments to be made – an alteration to the price, for example – this can be done from the View link before confirmation is sent. Each link takes the controller through to the TaxiMap member’s area where more detail and options are available.


Confirmation with your logo

When a booking is confirmed through the TaxiMap booking system via email, a similarly styled message is sent to the customer which can be branded with the company logo. This email also reconfirms basic details including price, pickup time, and options.

So, with our new confirmation email, taxi firms can process online cab bookings quicker and respond in a timely and professional manner.