We have been busy updating TaxiMap to provide taxi price calculations for countries other than the UK and be understood by visitors who don’t speak English. These new features include:

Multi-Currency Fare Prices

TaxiMap members can now select their local currency in the Payment tab. Currencies currently available are  USD($), EURO(€), and TaxiMap’s default currency, GBP(£). All taxi fare prices will be displayed in the selected currency and, if payment processing is configured and enabled, processed in the selected currency too.

Country Bias

When users search for addresses, zip/post codes, places, points of interest or landmarks, TaxiMap will now bias this search to the country set in the member profile under the Contact Info tab. This is particularly useful for ambiguous place names, for example Paris: France or Texas, USA?


Selecting an airport (or sea port) using the TaxiMap plugin shows a list of airports in a drop-down menu. We have been adding airports in other countries, particularly those where we already have registered members. And we’ll be adding more countries soon…

The airport list is also governed by the country set in the member profile.

Language Localisation

We have completed real (not automated) translation of the text in both the price calculator and booking form into several European languages including French, Dutch and German, and we’ll be adding more soon. What’s more, the visitor will automatically be shown the TaxiMap plugin in their own native language (governed by browser settings, not location). However, if they prefer, they can select a language flag to change the text as required.

The real translation means that foreign visitors can book taxis with confidence and nothing is ‘lost in translation’.

Miles or Kilometres?

Another setting we’ve added to make TaxiMap feel at home in any country is the choice of distance measurement unit, either miles or kilometres. This is simply adjusted in the Settings tab.



We hope you enjoy these new features. We’re striving to make TaxiMap accessible to taxi firms and passengers across the globe.