We’re pleased to announce our reseller program enabling those wishing to resell TaxiMap to their clients or colleagues to do so, buying it in at a substantial discount.


Who can be a TaxiMap reseller?

Basically every TaxiMap account is capable of reselling additional accounts. The only caveat is that to access reseller features, that account must be upgraded to a Pro TaxiMap account itself. This is primarily so users don’t just register one account and resell themselves another at a discount.

In fact, we have no objection to users having multiple accounts – if they operate several independent taxi services, for example – they can buy additional accounts at a discount, but the first and primary account must be upgraded to “Pro”.

How do I resell TaxiMap?

First off you’ll need a TaxiMap account (register here for free), then you’ll need to upgrade that account to a “Pro” account. This can be done from the Upgrade/Shop link in the main menu.

TaxiMap Reseller Process

TaxiMap Reseller Process

Once your subscription is active you can visit the Upgrade/Shop link again to see a new tab, “Reseller“. Here you will be able to complete a registration form on behalf of your client. When you submit the registration form, the new account will be tagged to you as reseller. You will receive a copy of the welcome email notification when the account is activated and you will be able to log in and configure the new account on behalf of the taxi company (or leave it for them to do).

Discounts and Payments

As a reseller, you will be provided with a reseller discount code. This code can be entered in to the upgrade subscription page in your client’s TaxiMap account to gain access to reseller pricing. (Discount prices will be displayed on acceptance of your reseller code). You could choose to provide this code directly to your clients,  but we don’t recommend this. Rather, you can purchase the upgrade at the discounted rate yourself, then charge your client your fees directly; that way, if the cab firm ever wants to subscribe directly, they can do so, but at the full retail price.

Once a subscription is set up, it will continue to be charged (monthly or annually) at the initial price, be that retail or reseller pricing, until that subscription is cancelled.

This is an exciting business opportunity for web design agencies, web developers and even other marketeers who can set their own pricing between our discounted reseller price and the retail price – or even simply include TaxiMap as part of their other services.