Inspired by our last blog post (taxi calculator refinement) we have rolled out SMS confirmation via the Taximap insterface. This means minicab firms can send a confirmation text to any customer making a booking through the system in just 1 click!

Sending a SMS Text Confirmation

Sending a SMS Text Confirmation

When a customer makes a booking they opt to receive confirmation by phone, email or SMS text message. If the SMS options is selected, a “SEND” link will appear on the View Booking page that allows Taximap members to send a confirmation text message to that customer.

The text message is mostly pre-formatted with information about the journey such as price, pick up point, destination, date & time, but the cab company can add a line of their own to customise the message. The SMS service is also fully integrated so delivery and status reports are available from the booking system interface.

What’s more, while in testing Taximap is offering FREE texts for members – although this is limited to one SMS text per booking.

We’ll add more detail on this later, but for now we await feedback and comments from our members testing the system.