TaxiMap Meet & Greet

Illustrates meet & greet implementation

One problem with zone pricing is that it doesn’t suit meet & greet services: Although a surcharge can be applied, the direction of a journey does not determine its use in the taxi journey price calculation. After some consideration we decided that even basing the pricing on the first zone entered would not provide adequate coverage of this service, often offered by Taxi companies providing pick-ups from airports.


With this in mind we have implemented a meet & greet price setting for each zone. This will be applied only if the first stop (or pick-up point) of a journey falls within the zone. This allows different meet & greet pricing to be applied to different zones offering greater taxi price calculation flexibility.

Independent Price Calculation

Because meet & greet is a service independent of distance (or price per mile) calculations, the fee is added to the journey price after all other journey calculations have been made. The only exception is fixed pricing – in this case the price can be manually entered and fixed in both directions allowing for meet & greet to be factored in.

Meet & Greet Implemetation

Within the TaxiMap website plugin, if a meet & greet price is applied it will show up as a note underneath the main price quoted (as depicted above).