TaxiMap_Demo_Account_Online_minicab_booking_formWe are pleased to announce that the TaxiMap plugin now allows taxi companies to take payments via Stripe. Stripe is a “beautiful, optimized, cross-device payment form, with support for single click payments.” It is easy to sign up and start processing online card payments. It even accepts BitCoin payments!

Here is a brief overview of how to enable this feature in your TaxiMap account.



Stripe API_Key_SettingsAssuming you have signed up to Stripe successfully, you will then need to obtain your API keys. To do this:

  1. Log in to Stripe
  2. At the top right, click your profile icon and select ‘Account Settings’ (you may be asked to enter your Stripe log in password again)
  3. From the Account Settings pop-up window, click ‘API Keys’ in the top row of icons
  4. Now copy your LIVE publishable and secret keys. (You may want to paste these to a notepad, or you can just leave the window/tab open.)

TaxiMap_Profile_Payment_Stripe_Setting_API_keyNow, you will need to enter these keys in your TaxiMap profile. To do this:

  1. Log in to TaxiMap
  2. Click the ‘Payment’ tab on your Member Profile.
  3. Scroll down a bit to the payment gateway section.
  4. First, tick the box next to the STRIPE logo.
  5. Now paste in your ‘Live Publishable Key‘ as indicated.
  6. Then paste in your ‘Live Secret Key‘ as indicated.
  7. Scroll down and click ‘Save All Changes

You should now be set up so customers can check out via Stripe (credit/debit card) when making a booking via the TaxiMap plugin.


Notes on testing:

Stripe provides test API keys. These are used to test the Stripe integration. You will find these above the LIVE API keys. Whilst it is not necessary for you to do this, you can enter these keys to begin with and test your system. You will need to use the following test credit card details:

Card Number: 4242 4242 4242 4242
Expiry Date: any month + any year (as long as it’s in the future)
CVC/CV2: nnn (any 3 digits)